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Is Communication In Gaming In Failing?

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ShadowKing23 said...
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I was playing Halo 3 today and there was little team work and coopteration in the game, Most of the time other players on the matchmaking section of the game are jerks. Cursing up a storm in the match. And when they lose, well no one likes a soar loser. Should there be more communication in video games?

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Halo 3

Halo 3 (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 26/SEP/07
Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Squad-Based Shooter
Release Date: 07/NOV/08
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Most of the time I play social slayer. And I turn the mic off since there are a)kids screaming b)players insulting each other c)no communication after all. I think the game is too fast and is too much fun for serious teamwork when playing with random gamers. When playing with good friends I do partychat so I don't have to listen to a) + b)
I just hate it when players insult each other. I ruins the game for many people. I think that is why I stay of of the social player networks, just to avoid stuff like that.
Agree, there's way more insulting, but social is also more fun, you can try things and don't have to 'worry' about exp-points. But I have to admit it can also be fun to listen to newbies entering the lobby like "Hi! Can anyone hear me? Hello? Hello? How are you? I'm from England!" and someone replies: "XXXX YOU! SHUT THE XXXX UP!" lol
What slayer games do you play? Mine have alot of laughter and stuff in them hardly any swearing what so ever in my social slayer games
@Mishy I play team slayer, but the players are more focused on the goal to win not much cursing. I think you can find the right partner on the halo social player, you just have to find the right one.
Just last night I really had some trouble with a guildy, he was invited at the request of another member. He seems to think that just being offensive is funny. He's not witty, but can be in the conversations I've had withe him. I noticed though that the entire alliance seems to sink to his level, although in the meetings everyone says they don't want that stuff on AC. Anyway he will be receiving the boot from me tonight, now that I've thought it over. Regardless of whether the alliance is allowing it, I don't my guild to be the source of the type of things he says. It seems like I see the most of this "type" of "humor" or rudeness in the newbie areas.

Your right to do that someone who acts like that has no respect for the players of the Guilds. Players like to pick a fight with other players. If you don't know who they are, or where they are they can insult you and can get away with it. So I agree with kicking him out of the guild, someone like that really polluites the air in game.
I really do wish that there would be more communication in ALL games. I can remember playing BF: Vietnam or Counter-Strike and every once in a blue moon getting into a server where all the members on a team were communicating correctly and the team was constantly winning. It's a shame more things like that can't happen today.
Oh... GT: Mayor ODoyle if you're willing to talk.

I truly agree with you, it is a shame that there is no communication with between members of teams, its then complete confustion, your team isn't watching your back. And I find that if you play music that you like while you play your game it will make you feel more calm when you play, like today I just riped my cd on to my xbox 360 and I never felt better.
I usually play shooter. The slower the game, the more you (have to) communicate. Halo3: fast, jumping and running like crazy all over the map:not that much communication, because when you start talking the action you wanted to talk about is almost over. On the other hand Rainbow Six Vegas: Very slow acting from room to room, highly suspensfull, lot of talking necessary to coordinate movement - one false move and you and your team are dead. So if you have a trashtalker in Halo3 you can mute him and go on, in RSV you have to kick him out.

That's an excellent point, but there's no reason why you can't discuss what you're going to do, while you're going to do it. Do you know what I mean? When I was playing CS, which is a VERY fast paced game, people were always talking. As they were moving, when they spotted the enemy. Instead of saying "O, yer so GAI!" Say something like "They're moving east" or "Grab that warthog" or "Go snipe from here."

Yes, Halo is fast, and often time a lot of just frantic fun. But I can't stand seeing my team mowed down because two idiots are staring at a wall, and a third is trying to jump onto a rock, while the other team has communicated their procedures and exploited our weaknesses.
Agree, but it's limited because of the gamespeed. I don't know CS well, but as far as I know it's not as fast as Unreal Tournament 3 or Halo3. Larger maps on Halo3 offer more room for tactics and talking but the small maps give you very fast arenafighting - I think there's not much time for talking seriously. I played team-double with a friend on Halo3 an hour ago and we did talk like "He's to your right" "Got'em" "Left site!" and so on - like you said. On RSV instead we discuss a full procedure before we move, there's MUCH more talking. Guys jumpin on rocks or staring at wall or unsulting other or making disturbing noises, yeah seen that a lot too - but only on social.
I agree, RSV requires a lot of teamwork and coordination. I consider myself a lucky owner of RSV2, and I play loads of Co-Op with some of my friends. We usually play on realistic (hard) which means if you get shot more than two times you're usually dead. Therefore, teamwork is truly the key to victory!
Yes, should be. Although considering what kind of people are on XBL, don't get your hopes up. Might find an educated, well-spoken here and there if your lucky.
“Does anyone have a clan who wants 2 clan battle because i'm looking for one. If your interested send my gamertag a message peanutb0w with a zero and i'll happily Rape your clan try Us we Are the Shit We Are No Mercy.”
Perhaps someone should script a swear word filter which works on a voice channel in real time.
@LordXenophon Yes that is what thay should do. if it were possible. But its the players choise to act like a jerk.
I TOTALLY agree that online communication is nothing more than chaos in many cases. I was playing Killzone 2 last night, and it's fine if your in a squad with an isolated audio channel, but if you just on the GBL, its a total mess. Kids screaming, people cursing relentlessly but mostly its all just noise because it's all clipping and overlapping.

And even if you get into a squad, there isn't much effort to work as an organized unit and there is no communication... at least, not in the experiences i've had where i jump in with strangers. Im sure that if you get in with some friends it's a totally different experience.
One way to avoid the communication chaos is to talk in xbox-LIVE party chat or do what I did and join a clan and play the game with friends who chare your idea of gaming (party chat again)!
You will no longer be disturbed of kids screaming and idiots insulting or singing or whatever.

Ride or Die!

well unfortunately im no longer on a 360 (i got the ring of death one too many times.) So im still sorting out the equivalent of what your talking about on the PSN. :)
I've noticed that a lot of the people in games seem to get along until they start losing and someone starts being a poor loser or winner. The other thing I've noticed a lot of is when a woman, such as myself, gets into a game we get either one of two responses, everyone wants to be our friend, or people are rude and name call and talk trash because they have no respect. I've also noticed it depends on the game and the time of day.
This is pretty much why I only play with people that I've met through means outside of the game and have at least a passing familiarity with.

I don't accept random guild/friend invites on MMOs and for mostly single-player games that have multiplayer features, I tend to set up play times with people outside of the game and then get on to play with them.

Doing things any other way just, well I refuse to comment disparagingly on other people but I certainly don't wish to play with the general crowd.

That being said, it seems the rudest and filthiest comments are thrown about in shooter multiplayers. Not to say that other games don't have their fare share, but shooters seem to attract that kind of crowd the most.
I can beleive that. I play sometimes at an internet cafe where there are a lot of L4D and Counterstrike players. The younger ones cuss up a storm in there. Sometimes, I can't even hear my own game on max volume because there's a foul-mouthed 12-year-old on each side of me.
Communication is dieing in gaming because of the attitudes of the players involved. Everyone wants to be the hero or the leader, no one wants to be a follower. Most of the time, pretty much any game or genre, a random pick up group is full of people who refuse to listen to the party leader. They run off, do whatever they want, and end up throwing a fit when they end up dead with no one around them, angering everyone in the party with their incessant crying, until people start flaming each other over the stupidest stuff and the party is disbanded (or left) out of frustration and low morale.

Until that scenario is fixed, I really don't see communications ever getting better, and for my enjoyment of a game, I'll probably have an ever-growing ignore list.
look for happycamper and lucidchase on it saturday
I am losing all mt matches.
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